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phone: 203 512-7482
location: Great Barrington, Massachusetts
hours: 7 days a week by appointment

About Us

Flynn Pianos provides a wide range of piano sales and service to musicians throughout the Berkshire, Columbia and Litchfield counties. We also serve institutions such as concert halls, recording studios, theater and dance venues, churches and synagogues.

We have two locations in Great Barrington, MA, in the Berkshire mountains near Tanglewood, with a wide range of new, used and rebuilt pianos for sale or rent. Some of our pianos are displayed in Westchester County, NY. There are also a few pianos brokered from our customers' homes.

We travel anywhere in the Northeast to provide services such as examinations, reports, repair estimates, appraisals, repairs, concert preparation, etc. If required, we move pianos to one of our workshops or showrooms for repair or sale.
Flynn Pianos

Pianos For Sale

ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
1927Steinway Louis XV model B6'11"$55,000ConnecticutWoodbury Jan 7, 2023
18651865 Rosewood Steinway Concert Grand8'6"$75,000MAGreat BarringtonDec 9, 2022
1981Superb Baldwin SD-10 concert grand9'$50,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 4, 2023
1904Superb newly rebuilt Steinway B6'11"$65,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonNov 9, 2022
19051905 Steinway model O5'11"$35,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 14, 2023
19601960 Steinway 41" walnut console41"$6,500MassachusettsGreat BarringtonJan 27, 2023
1960Reconditioned 1960 Mahogany Steinway M5'7"$25,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 4, 2023
19561956 Hamburg Steinway Z 46" Upright46"$9,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 4, 2023
19711971 Yamaha U2 50" Studio Upright50"$6,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 14, 2023
1901Fully Rebuilt Steinway O from 19015'11"$45,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 16, 2023
20042004 Yamaha P22 Dark Oak45"$6,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 16, 2023
1876Rare Broadwood 1876 English upright with fine marquetry48"$9,500MassachusettsGreat BarringtonOct 13, 2022
1999Yamaha 5'8" C2 in excellent condition w/player system5'8"$15,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonNov 29, 2022
1963Yamaha 48" U1 in good condition48"$2,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonJan 30, 2023
18971894 Mason & Hamlin 6'3" AA made in Boston6'3"$17,500MassachusettsGreat BarringtonJan 30, 2023
18931893 Steinway A with leather duet bench6'2"$40,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 14, 2023
20132013 Fazioli in concert condition6'11"$95,000MassachusettsGreat BarringtonMar 16, 2023