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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
2016Kingsburg KG-185 Grand Piano6'1"$7,990ArizonaMesaDec 6, 2023
NEWNEW HAILUN Baby Grand Piano 4'11"HG1504'11"$21,034WashingtonRichlandDec 6, 2023
NEWNEW HAILUN Grand Piano 5'10" Model HG1785'10"$33,186WashingtonRichlandDec 6, 2023
NEWNEW HAILUN Grand Piano 6'5" Model HG1986'5"$64,364WashingtonRichlandDec 6, 2023
20222022 Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand5'$13,990North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 6, 2023
1933Steinway Model XR White Driftwood Art Case (VIDEO/WARRANTY)6'2"$8,950New YorkPort JeffersonDec 6, 2023
2018Custom Fazioli F183 Grand Piano6'$107,000ONSt CatharinesDec 6, 2023
2016Never Been Used5'1"$12,500New YorkSyracuse Dec 6, 2023
1996Good condition5'7"$7,500New YorkBrooklynDec 6, 2023
K.Kawai Baby grand with dehumidifier system5'$2,800MassachusettsSpencerDec 5, 2023
18841884 Steinway Grand Model A - Museum Quality6'2"$75,000MassachusettsBerkleyDec 5, 2023
2009MINT Kohler Campbell Baby Grand4'7"$2,000New YorkFort SalongaDec 5, 2023
1971Yamaha G1B Grand Piano5'3"$5,000CaliforniaPasadenaDec 5, 2023
1937Restored Steinway Model S in excellent condition5'1"$13,000CaliforniaSan JoseDec 5, 2023
1932Mason & Hamlin Model A - Restored 20235'9"$33,540North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023
1926Steinway & Sons Model M Satin Ebony5'7"$26,510North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023
1868Steinway & Sons Model 1 - Fully Restored7'2"$59,990North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023
1926Steinway Model M Walnut5'7"$28,870North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023
1927Mason & Hamlin Model AA - Restored 20156'4"$35,210North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023
1900Steinway B - Restored 20236'11"$49,120North CarolinaHendersonvilleDec 4, 2023

The Grand Piano

The grand piano is considered by many to be the “original” piano, the purest form of the instrument. Grands are large, full-toned pianos that have the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and are supported by three legs. The sound produced by a grand piano is the result of a combination of several factors, including the quality of the materials, the length of the strings, the size of the soundboard, and the craftsmanship of the piano maker, among others.

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PianoMart’s grand piano inventory includes hundreds of pianos for sale from numerous manufacturers, from Baldwin and Kawai to Steinway and Yamaha. With our comprehensive piano search feature, you can filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your dream grand or baby grand piano online with PianoMart.