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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
1922Antique Kurtzmann Grand9'$4,000CaliforniaCulver CityNov 16, 2019
1900Beautifully Restored 1900 Steinway Model A6'2"$46,100North CarolinaHendersonvilleNov 16, 2019
1957Fully Restored Steinway Model L 5'11"$29,125North CarolinaHendersonvilleNov 16, 2019
Kimball Baby Grand/ Great DealN/A$4,500FloridaOrlandoNov 16, 2019
19911991 Schimmel 174T Grand Piano, Satin Mahogany5'10"$10,000North CarolinaASHEVILLENov 16, 2019
2005Beautiful Mahogany Baby Grand with Great Sound5'7"$3,500CaliforniaWoodland HillsNov 16, 2019
2001Lovely Young Chang PG-185, 6'1", satin ebony 6'1"$5,000New YorkNew YorkNov 16, 2019
1989Schimmel Grand piano in superb condition5'10"$13,500North CarolinaWAKE FORESTNov 16, 2019
1996Petrof Ivory (white) cab grand piano5'8"$9,750New Yorksag harborNov 16, 2019
late 1920'sSohmer Grand (New York)5'4"$9,900MinnesotaCambridgeNov 15, 2019
1984Beautiful piano no one plays.5'10"$4,500FloridaHawthorneNov 15, 2019
1925Grand piano Pleyel P204 Used, Ivory Keys, 19256'7"$15,960--JerusalemNov 15, 2019
1889Rare 1889 Steinway Model A Grand Piano in great condition6'1"$25,000PAPittsburghNov 15, 2019
1896Rare Antique Bösendorfer/Excellent Condition6'2"$30,000TexasHoustonNov 15, 2019
2005Mason & Hamlin CC94 concert grand9'3"$45,000CaliforniaSan DiegoNov 15, 2019
approximately 1989Do Not Miss This Opportunity5'8"$17,000CaliforniaGranite BayNov 14, 2019
1999Boston Grand Piano5'4"$8,000NevadaLas VegasNov 14, 2019
1931Fully Restored Steinway L Grand Pino5'11"$36,830North CarolinaHendersonvilleNov 14, 2019
18831883 Steinway B Rosewood6'11"$35,000North CarolinaHendersonvilleNov 14, 2019
1912Rebuilt Steinway O5'11"$29,500MassachusettsHolyokeNov 14, 2019

The Grand Piano

The grand piano is considered by many to be the “original” piano, the purest form of the instrument. Grands are large, full-toned pianos that have the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and are supported by three legs. The sound produced by a grand piano is the result of a combination of several factors, including the quality of the materials, the length of the strings, the size of the soundboard, and the craftsmanship of the piano maker, among others.

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PianoMart’s grand piano inventory includes hundreds of pianos for sale from numerous manufacturers, from Baldwin and Kawai to Steinway and Yamaha. With our comprehensive piano search feature, you can filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your dream grand or baby grand piano online with PianoMart.