Pianos for Sale Steinway D Concert Grand in Satin Ebony - Ready to play

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Price reduced to $40,000 on 11/26/2021.

I bought this piano for $65,000 about 5 years ago, that is what you'd probably pay at a dealer today for it.

The touch & tone on this piano is perfect.

If you have any questions, you can call or text me at 386-405-4643. My name is Bruce Kirkpatrick. I'm a web developer who enjoys playing a variety of instruments. I'm selling the piano because I'd like to reduce my debt obligations and let the piano go to a new home for a reasonable price. If no one will buy it at a fair price, then I will keep it forever, since it is certainly very nice and I still enjoy it.

This piano is ready to play. There are no repairs needed. If you sat down on this piano and begin to play, it will feel like the ultimate expression of the piano. That's what I feel like every day when I sit down. The roaring metal plate thunder of the bass, the singing mid-range, and the pristine bell tones of the treble, it is a Steinway in the utmost regard.

I bought it from Music Gallery of Clearwater in Clearwater, Florida in 2016. I have the purchase receipt and they could help you to understand the history of the piano. They had the piano restored at some point and it has more modern Steinway parts in it that make it closer to a piano from 20 years ago. This was the best sounding piano out of everything I tried at the time at any price including brand new Steinway pianos.

The Steinway branded seat is included with your purchase. I believe it is called the "Jansen Artist Bench" and it's very nice. These benches appear to be sold for around $700 or more at the moment.

The reason I bought the Steinway D was that I didn't like the "small box" sound of the smaller pianos regardless of how new or expensive they were. The dynamic range is much larger and there is little to nothing to complain about on a Steinway D. I still enjoy and play the piano. The reason I am considering selling it is that I have a high monthly payment on the loan I took out to buy this and I'd like to reduce my debt and downsize for a while. I'd be willing to let it go for a reasonable offer.

If someone wants to buy this they will need to pay for it through the PianoMart escrow service which protects both of us by ensuring the money isn't released until the piano has been delivered. Also you'll need to handle the piano moving expenses as a separate cost.

The piano is at my home in Ormond Beach, Florida. I'm more then willing to answer any questions by phone or email. This piano would be an excellent choice for another person to buy and enjoy playing. Watch my video attached to this ad and hear how it sounds right now.

The piano hasn't been tuned in about a year, and I recorded the video on 11/6/2021 and I also link to a few other videos in the youtube description for the video. I just improvised for a while, and then played every key to show they are all functioning and played some more. I could record a new video or do a video call if you need to see anything else about it remotely. Some of the keys are just slightly out of unison right now, but it tunes up perfect whenever it is tuned. I'm not aware of any major defects. There are just minor finish flaws where it has been bumped or fingernail scratches on the fallboard. Nothing that would diminish the enjoyment of playing and the wonderous view of a 8' 11" concert grand in front of you while playing on the easy action of these super long keys.

If you are very interested and want to come see and play it in person, we can arrange that. I think a brand new Steinway D has maybe a slightly brighter sound similar to what you might hear with new guitar strings, but you can change the sound depending on whether you have carpet or hard floors. I prefer a softer sound and my room is fairly muted with acoustic panels and carpet. The Steinway D is louder then most pianos which is probably going to encourage you to play softer and enjoy the range more. The unique patented design of the Steinway soundboard and large iron plate give it that darker modern rumbling new york plate sound, that is unmistakable. This is a piano for someone who doesn't want to compromise on anything but the price. Also consider a new brand model D costs about triple what I am asking. Make sure you go play a big Steinway in person to understand. The first time I played it, I could tell it was a whole different class of piano instantly and I'm not that good. I actually thought it was not possible to buy a model D, but then I found that with just a little longer financing on the right used piano, it was within reach. It's really impressive and exciting compared to many other pianos. I am not a pro, I just play for fun as a hobby, and mostly improvise. I usually buy the best of something to inspire me to earn and appreciate it more. You only live once, so you should treat yourself to the best. I've bought many digital keyboards in my life, but I never wanted to play them. Once I bought a real piano, I started to enjoy playing it every day. I enjoy the sound of acoustic instruments more. Maybe others feel this way too and will also come to realize that a real full size steinway piano is the best way to play.

You will need to secure payment in full and if you need financing, you will need to secure it yourself first. I was able to get financed with allegrocredit.com, which is now called synchrony bank. allegrocredit.com offered me terms like 10 years, 10% interest, which was ok only because I really liked the piano. Plus I bought piano insurance for like $240 a year with full replacement cost, which might be something to consider should you buy a high end piano since your home owners policy might not be as good on the coverage.

If you have any need of additional photos, I can provide or even do a video call in real-time. Anything to bring you peace of mind and the information you need. But I highly encourage you to play the instrument before spending your hard earned money, because that is going to eliminate all your concerns instantly most likely.
Price: $40,000 USD
Ad #: 47326
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model: Model D
Serial #: 381088
Year: 1963
Length: 8'11"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Ormond Beach, Florida
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Posted: 11/03/2021
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