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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
2003Exceptional C2 Yamaha Grand 5'8"$15,000PennsylvaniaBethlehem Feb 4, 2024
1928Baldwin Baby Grand from the "Golden Age" of Baldwins5'5"$3,000PennsylvaniaBETHLEHEMMar 24, 2024
Beautiful mahogany grand piano 6'$7,000CaliforniaBeverly Hills Feb 11, 2024
1988Elegant Samick SG-155 Piano, Pristine Condition,FreeDelivery5'5"$4,800CaliforniaBeverly HillsNov 19, 2023
1972Beautiful mahogany grand piano 5'5"$15,000CaliforniaBeverly Hills Feb 8, 2024
1975Steinway Piano5'7"$26,000New YorkBinghamtonFeb 14, 2024
20122012 Yamaha Grand Piano GB14'7"$7,900CaliforniaBlackhawk Nov 16, 2023
2002K.Kawai GE-30 Baby Grand5'5"$15,500South CarolinaBluffton Mar 1, 2024
2002Estonia 168 Baby Grand5'6"$14,600South CarolinaBluffton Dec 15, 2023
1980Baldwin R Baby Grand5'8"$6,320South CarolinaBluffton Apr 2, 2024
1992K.Kawai GE-1 Baby Grand5'1"$5,800South CarolinaBluffton Feb 19, 2024
1989Young Chang G-150 Baby Grand (PENDING)4'11"$3,900South CarolinaBluffton Jan 10, 2024
Story & Clark Baby Grand w/QRS Pianomation2000 Player5'5"$5,800South CarolinaBluffton Apr 4, 2024
2000Young Chang PG-157 Baby Grand w/Pianodisc Player5'2"$7,500South CarolinaBluffton Nov 16, 2023
1934Baldwin B Baby Grand5'6"$3,800South CarolinaBluffton Jan 18, 2024
1971K.Kawai KG-2C Baby Grand5'10"$7,800South CarolinaBluffton Mar 20, 2024
1981Yamaha G2 Baby Grand5'7"$5,800South CarolinaBluffton Feb 26, 2024
1960-1965Amazing Medium Grand Howard. Boca Raton FL5'7"$9,000FloridaBoca RatonMar 27, 2024
1997Petrof Baby Grand Piano 5'35'3"$8,400FloridaBOCA RATONNov 1, 2023
1957Well Maintained Baldwin Grand5'7"$7,500FloridaBoca RatonJan 14, 2024

The Grand Piano

The grand piano is considered by many to be the “original” piano, the purest form of the instrument. Grands are large, full-toned pianos that have the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and are supported by three legs. The sound produced by a grand piano is the result of a combination of several factors, including the quality of the materials, the length of the strings, the size of the soundboard, and the craftsmanship of the piano maker, among others.

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PianoMart’s grand piano inventory includes hundreds of pianos for sale from numerous manufacturers, from Baldwin and Kawai to Steinway and Yamaha. With our comprehensive piano search feature, you can filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your dream grand or baby grand piano online with PianoMart.