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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
Petrof Baby Grand Piano Model V5'3"$8,995GeorgialilburnJun 1, 2020
NewPetrof Little Big Grand Piano: Bora5'3"$55,480ArizonaMesaMay 28, 2020
new Ant. Petrof Concert Grand Piano9'$225,400ArizonaMesaMay 23, 2020
New Ant. Petrof Concert Grand Piano9'$225,400ArizonaMesaMay 23, 2020
New Ant. Petrof Semi-Concert Grand Piano7'4"$167,320ArizonaMesaMay 23, 2020
New Ant. Petrof Professional Upright53"$34,600ArizonaMesaMay 23, 2020
New New Petrof Parlor Grand Piano5'8"$58,448ArizonaMesaMay 23, 2020
19981998 Petrof Walnut Baby Grand 6'1"$13,500AlabamaMobile May 23, 2020
Petrof upright grand piano47"$3,950GeorgialilburnMar 25, 2020
1981PETROF 1981 ANTIQUE42"$5,000BCSurreyFeb 27, 2020
1987Original Owner Pristine Condition Petrof Concert Grand Piano9'2"$30,000MarylandBaltimoreFeb 8, 2020
1998Gorgeous Petrof Upright Piano46"$5,500ConnecticutNorth BranfordFeb 2, 2020
1957Colin Horsley owned piano Baby Grand Mod V5'11"$40,000savonaalassioFeb 1, 2020
1999A BEAUTIFUL Petrof upright piano with matching bench.56"$5,500KansasFredonia Dec 28, 2019
2008Petrified P115-1 DCHIP47"$6,000KansasFredonia Dec 24, 2019
2000Excellent Condition Petrof P115-I Upright Piano46"$5,000IllinoisBataviaDec 8, 2019

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