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Lindeblad Piano Restoration

Lindeblad Piano Restoration

phone: 888.58.PIANO
location: Pinebrook, New Jersey
hours: M-F: 8-6; S: 9-5

About Us

Think a New Piano is Always Better?

Think again!

If quality is important... if return on investment and lasting value are driving your decision, then there's really no question about it. You should take a closer look at Lindeblad's restored pianos.

A restored vintage piano is disassembled and then carefully reconstructed piece by piece and refinished to its original glory. It looks and sounds just like when it was new.

You'll think it's right off the showroom floor!

And because vintage pianos were individually built by hand with features like solid wood parts, exquisite carvings and genuine ivory keys, the overall quality and craftsmanship often surpasses the new pianos of today.

We have a selection of the most respected brands that are absolutely breathtaking. And their affordability may surprise you.

We've been in piano restoration since 1920 sharing our knowledge, pride and commitment to excellence from one generation to the next.

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We provide:

Nationwide service & delivery
10 Year warranty
Four Generations of Excellence
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-- Steinway & Sons -- Mason & Hamlin -- Knabe -- Baldwin -- Chickering -- Sohmer

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