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Stilwell Pianos

Stilwell Pianos

phone: 4802076645
location: Mesa, Arizona

About Us

Stilwell Pianos is a third generation piano store located in Mesa, AZ. We ONLY sell used pianos and focus on hand made instruments. About half of our sales are outside our state as we are a national retailer. We go through about 50 pianos a month so if we dont have what you are looking for right now, just wait a week and we might get it in!

Pianos For Sale

ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
1956Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano5'8"$9,990ArizonaMesaJun 8, 2023
1993Weinbach 190 Grand Piano6'4"$7,990ArizonaMesaJul 14, 2023
1987Kawai KG-2D Baby Grand Piano5'10"$6,990ArizonaMesaAug 10, 2023
2000'sLothar Schell 165C Baby Grand Piano5'5"$5,990ArizonaMesaAug 17, 2023
1981Baldwin L Grand Piano6'2"$8,990ArizonaMesaAug 25, 2023
1998Kawai GE-1A Baby Grand Piano5'1"$6,490ArizonaMesaSep 9, 2023
1995Young Chang G-157 Baby Grand Piano5'2"$4,790ArizonaMesaSep 21, 2023
2007Mason & Hamlin A 20075'8"$28,190ArizonaMesaSep 22, 2023
1988Schafer & Sons SS-60 Grand Piano 6'1"$5,490ArizonaMesaOct 25, 2023
1992Kohler & Campbell SKG-400 Petite Baby Grand Piano4'7"$2,990ArizonaMesaNov 1, 2023
2014Young Chang Y-150 Baby Grand Piano5'$5,990ArizonaMesaNov 18, 2023
2002Kohler & Campbell 530 Baby Grand Piano5'3"$4,990ArizonaMesaNov 22, 2023