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This limited-edition piano was built in 1996 in Korea by the Samick Music Corporation, who owns the Kohler & Campbell brand. It is part of the Centennial Celebration series commemorating "100 years of Heirloom Quality Pianos”. This special designation is highlighted by the logo on the fallboard, an intricate painted logo on the soundboard, and a bas-relief emblem molded into the gold-toned cast iron plate. At 5'9″ it projects a true full Grand Piano Sound with the warmth of tone and depth of power typically found in more expensive pianos. Overall, it is in superb condition.

HISTORY - I purchased this Kohler & Campbell SKG-600S piano new in Denver during August 1996 for $18,900.

Throughout its entire life, it has remained in the exact same spot in my living room, played weekly by me and on rare occasions by a few other pianists. It has only been moved a few feet three times for new carpet installations. The environment is consistently maintained with a humidity level of 35-45% year-round and is free from drafts and temperature fluctuations.

I am parting ways with my beloved friend because I am changing priorities in my life.

TONE AND TIMBRE – The overall tone if this piano is elegant, powerful, and full-bodied with a wide dynamic range that conveys both delicate nuances and powerful crescendos with equal finesse. The lower registers resonate with a warm, velvety depth. It’s timbre exhibits warmth and a rounded quality, particularly in sustained notes.

It has been lovingly cared for and meticulously maintained. Since 1997, it was tuned and serviced 2-4 times a year by Jerry McKin, a highly respected Registered Piano Technician and former President of the Piano Technicians Guild in Colorado. Mr. McKin provided dedicated maintenance until his passing in November 2023. His expert care included regular tunings, voicing adjustments, regulation, internal cleaning, and hammer and key maintenance. Recently, five strings in the upper two octaves have been replaced. A full tuning is scheduled to be performed on July 7.

FINISH –The high-gloss ebony finish is a stunning blend of elegance and sophistication. It still shines brilliantly as it did on the day it was delivered. Its smooth surfaces catch the light beautifully, highlighting the piano's graceful shape and impeccable craftsmanship. Any typical minor "spider" scratches are routinely buffed out keeping its high-gloss look as pristine as ever.

During the past year, surface restoration repaired some minor nicks and scrapes. Occasional nicks on the gold-toned plate are promptly touched up. Today, the piano is beautiful with only a few very minor scratches (but you have to look hard to find them). The only notable damage is the backside of the front left leg where a puppy took a bite out of it. Even this is hard to find, and most people wouldn't notice it.

Keys - All eighty-eight keys are in excellent condition: level, functioning properly, without any sticking or unevenness. They are very smooth and clean, and show no signs of chipping or noticeable marks.

Action – The action of this piano has a medium touch that is very responsive and uniform across the entire keyboard. This action immediately captured my heart when I first played it. It reminds me of the renowned German Renner Action in the way it effortlessly handles the most intricate and demanding pieces. This particular feature has always drawn me to adore this piano.

Internal Components –Inside, the piano features an exceptional soundboard crafted from Sitka Spruce and remains in excellent condition with a smooth, glossy surface free of any cracks. All strings are clean and shiny, and the hammers have been reshaped or replaced every few years to maintain sound quality.

The Pedals - The three pedals have been regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensure they operate effortlessly and possess a smooth, responsive action. The brass rods of the pedal assembly (trapwork) and the brass pedals themselves have recently been cleaned and polished.

You must see, and hear this beautiful instrument to appreciate its true value. Contact me to arrange for an appointment.

Price: $7,500 USD
Ad #: 57179
Manufacturer: Kohler & Campbell
Model: SKG-600S
Serial #: IQAGO187
Year: 1996
Length: 5'9"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Parker, Colorado
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Posted: 06/18/2024
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