Pianos for Sale Ludwig “Royal” Model Victorian Upright Piano

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This exquisite four-color stained Ludwig piano exemplifies the opulent Victorian furniture design of the late 19th century. Identified in an original 19th-century Ludwig Advertisement as the esteemed "Royal" model, such pianos are now exceedingly rare, given their initial high cost and limited production.

Crafted from stunning Quarter Sawn Oak, adorned with intricately carved panels and elaborate moldings, this piano stands as a testament to the era's artistry. Quarter Sawn Oak was a less common choice for Victorian pianos, as darker finishes like mahogany and rosewood were more fashionable. However, the use of oak, a readily available domestic wood, became more prominent in piano cabinets in the later 'teens and 'twenties.

This impeccably restored upright piano transports us to an era where music held a central place in everyday life. Its beautiful sound and enchanting tone evoke the timeless charm of bygone days, inviting us to revel in the nostalgic melodies once again.

The company was founded by Melrose native John H. Ludwig in 1889. Production began in earnest around 1895, and by 1901 the factory in the Bronx was producing up to 3,500 pianos per year. The turn of the century saw Ludwig pianos garnering critical attention for the first time.

Any of the Ludwig and Co. pianos surviving today are the decorative uprights from 1895–1920, when piano manufacture in New York was at its peak. These pianos were known for their decorative casework and veneered, inlaid designs. In addition to the decorative uprights, Ludwig produced grand pianos and player pianos (often under the name Claviola, with a patented Unit Valve Player Action that is also featured in much of their advertising). Although the value of any older instrument depends largely on its upkeep over the years, many Ludwig pianos have been known to hold up well and still take and hold a tune well even over one hundred years later.
Price: $35,000 USD
Ad #: 56416
Manufacturer: Other Makers
Model: Ludwig & Company
Serial #: 17482
Year: 1898
Height: 55"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Oak
City/State: North Hollywood, California
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Posted: 04/21/2024
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