Pianos for Sale Yamaha Clavinova CVP 503 Dark Rosewood MINT

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A keyboard so well made, it feels like you're playing a grand piano.
GH3 with synthetic ivory keytops: two sensors to detect keystroke strength and Yamaha’s original Damper Sensor. - enables playing the same note repeatedly with perfect articulation which blends sounds without the use of the damper pedal. You also enjoy the keyboard touch of a grand piano, including keys with weight gradations – heavy on the lower end and lighter on the higher end. Synthetic ivory keytops also provide the feel of a grand piano, even the fingertip sensations.
398 sounds + 480 XG sounds & 19 drum/sfx kits + GM2 & GS sounds
Voices/Sounds Breakdown CVP-503:
Mega Voices: 15
Natural! Voices: 22
Sweet! Voices: 23
Cool! Voices: 33
Live! Voices: 19
Organ Flutes!: 10
4-level CFIIIS piano samples - Wide range of selectable auto accompaniment Styles that you can use for automatic accompaniment. All you do is play chords with your left hand, and you have your own personal backing band! You can add an intro or ending, or insert a fill-in. 272 Styles are offered, such as Ballad, Dance, and Country. The Styles use Mega Voices to ensure authentic, dynamic accompaniments.
Music Finder+ provides access to an online library of song setups that you can download directly to your Clavinova.
128 notes of polyphony
16-track sequencer capable of recording in real-time and step-time, vol/pan, filter, tuning, effects, and master volume parameters, an effects processor with more than 300 presets, and over 300 preset accompaniment styles
Internet Direct Connection
USB Audio for recording your own performance
Guide functions to support performance
In addition to both the sostenuto (middle pedal) and left pedal being completely programmable for pitch bend, metronome, starting and stopping music, the damper pedal (right pedal) is half damper capable. In other words, you can manipulate the pedal in between full off and full on—great for those who play the piano with precise damper techniques.
Price: $3,000 USD
Ad #: 56097
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: Clavinova
Serial #: CVP-503
Width: 55"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Rosewood
City/State: Brookline, Massachusetts
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Posted: 03/26/2024
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