Pianos for Sale Perfect Yamaha G-1 5’3” Grand Piano w/ Damp Chaser Humidista

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**For Sale: Yamaha G-1 Grand Piano - A Cherished Legacy with Provenance**
Includes $1000 mirrored bench from
Neiman Marcus

Offering exquisite Yamaha G-1 5’3”grand piano, a symbol of Yamaha's enduring legacy of craftsmanship and excellence since 1887. Crafted in 1985 in Korea, this grand piano is not merely an instrument but a narrative of passion and dedication, having been first owned by a professional pianist before being passed on to its current caretaker. It stands as a testament to the timeless elegance and refined aesthetics of Yamaha's Classic Collection, the G series.

Measuring at a majestic 5'3", this piano is finished in an HP white, offering a contemporary yet sophisticated presence in any environment. Its journey from a professional pianist to its current owner has been one of meticulous care and love. Regular tuning, conducted bi-annually, and the addition of a high-end DAMPP-CHASER Model H-5 HUMIDISTAT have ensured that its rich, soulful tones and the integrity of its construction have been preserved in pristine condition.

This piano represents the pinnacle of musical craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of innovation and the legacy of Tarakusu Yamaha. Its sound and playability are unmatched, reflecting Yamaha's commitment to excellence, making it a prized possession for both seasoned professionals and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Priced at $6,950, this valuation is grounded in a professional appraisal, reflecting its market value (minus 30% broker fee if sold through store or consignment!) with accuracy and transparency. This appraisal, a testament to its worth and heritage, is available to serious interested buyers, offering insight into the meticulous evaluation process that underscores its value. Reasonable wear and tear from decades of use by serious musician.

Owning this Yamaha G-1 grand piano goes beyond mere possession; it is an invitation to be part of a storied history, to continue a legacy of musical excellence and to cherish a piece of art that has been loved and maintained with the utmost care. Let this grand piano be a source of inspiration, an object of beauty, and a testament to the transformative power of music in your home.

The discontinued G1 is a top-notch 5’3” grand piano. Don't mix it up with the cheaper GB and GC series Yamaha pianos made with softer woods and many Chinese parts. The G1 is more similar to the C1 and has high-quality wood parts like the soundboard, pin block, and action parts. Professionals and students love its rich tone and big resonance. It's in great condition inside and out!

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List Price: $30,599

SOLD AT :$10,599


Buyer to arrange shipment or pickup.
Price: $6,950 USD
Ad #: 55833
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: G-1
Serial #: J2600101
Year: 1985
Length: 5'3"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: White
City/State: Arlington, Virginia
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Posted: 03/02/2024
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