Pianos for Sale Yamaha Disklavier DG2R 5' 7" grand in excellent condition

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This is a Yamaha Disklavier Model DG2R player grand, purchased new around 1990. It is 5' 7" in length and has the traditional spade leg case style style and a gloss ebony finish. It is small enough to fit in just about any living room yet still has a great bass sound (-and throughout its range, all the way to the very topmost notes.) It is in excellent condition, cosmetically, musically, structurally, and operationally. Piano has an amazing sound, and Disklavier mechanism plays and records with high degree of accuracy.

Unlike the newer Yamaha Disklavier grands of this size, this piano actually has optical hammer sensors, which were one of the most important things that originally set the Disklaviers apart from other brands of player mechanisms as having the best and most accurate recording mechanism. (The larger Yamaha grands 6' 1" and above, and the PRO series grands 6' 1" and over still have these optical hammer sensors, but the newer Disklavier grands under 6' 1" do not. (This has been the case for close to 25 years now.) While Yamaha's optical key sensor technology has gotten very good, only the pianos with both the optical key sensors AND optical hammers sensors have the most faithful and accurate recording resolution. (This piano has both types of sensors for enhanced recording fidelity.)

This Disklavier grand has spent the majority of its life in the mild climate of the San Francisco Bay Area. Pinblock, soundboard, bridges, ribs, strings, hammers, keys, action parts, and all structural and music making components are in excellent condition.

Included with the piano are matching padded duet bench with music compartment, 40+ music discs with all kinds of different music, remote control, -and a box of the most commonly replaced parts (new power supply board, new floppy drive, new hammer and key sensor boards, new LCD Display, etc.) -that was purchased from Yamaha about 10 years ago, but which has never been opened because the parts in the piano so far never went bad or failed! -So the piano comes with a complete extra set of the most commonly replaced Disklavier electronic parts.

While this Disklavier is one of the early "Wagon" style grands (i.e. the control box and power supply etc are contained in a little cart that can be rolled around - see photo) the Disklavier in this piano is upgradeable (through an upgrade control box like the Yamaha DKC850) and can be upgraded to most, if not all, the features of the latest Disklaviers if desired, including CD play and flash memory recording. Most of the standard features found on all Disklaviers since the beginning - Transpose, tempo change, key change, volume change, etc., are already on this piano, and can be controlled either at the control box or by the remote control. A Yamaha Bluetooth module (MD-BT01)(-which links the piano up with apps like PianoStream on your smartphone or tablet) has already been installed on this piano by the present owner.

Piano has just recently been cleaned tuned and serviced, and is ready to be simply taken home and played and enjoyed.

Contact us, (Ken or Karen), by clicking the "Contact Seller" button to see and experience this lovely grand that you will enjoy playing, -or enjoy hearing it play itself.

Asking $9,500./ or Best Offer.
Price: $9,500 USD
Ad #: 55372
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: DG2R
Serial #: 4790059
Year: 1989
Length: 5'7"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Walnut Creek, California
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Posted: 01/29/2024
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