Pianos for Sale Steinway & Sons Superbly Restroed Concert Grand Piano

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Step into the realm of musical excellence with this meticulously restored Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano, an embodiment of timeless craftsmanship and unparalleled sonic brilliance. Through a comprehensive restoration process, this instrument has been revived to its former glory, preserving its heritage and enriching its musical resonance.

**Key Features:**

**1. Exquisite Restoration:** Painstakingly restored by master artisans and technicians, every facet of this Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano has been meticulously refurbished, ensuring its performance matches its iconic design.

**2. Sonic Grandeur:** Renowned for its exceptional tonal clarity and unmatched responsiveness, this piano offers a dynamic range that inspires artists and captivates audiences with its rich, nuanced sound.

**3. Elegant Design:** Beyond its musical prowess, the piano's classic Steinway design exudes sophistication, making it a striking centerpiece in any environment, from prestigious concert halls to refined private spaces.

**4. Enduring Investment:** Possessing a superbly restored Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano isn't merely owning an instrument; it's embracing a legacy of superior craftsmanship and enduring value.

**Warranty and Delivery:**

- **Quality Assurance:** Backed by our commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive warranty, attesting to the quality of craftsmanship bestowed upon this remarkable piano.

- **Professional Delivery:** Our dedicated team ensures secure and professional delivery, safeguarding this exquisite instrument as it finds its new home.

**Experience Unrivaled Prestige:**

Envelop yourself in the resplendent allure and superior craftsmanship of this superbly restored Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano. From its illustrious history to its meticulously rejuvenated essence, this instrument invites you to embark on an extraordinary musical journey.
Price: $4,000 USD
Ad #: 55041
Manufacturer: Astin-Weight
Model: Concert Grand
Serial #: 34258
Year: 1876
Length: N/A
Finish: French Polish
Color/Wood: Walnut
City/State: cincinnati, Ohio
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Posted: 12/30/2023
Views: 250

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