Pianos for Sale Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano, Black Satin

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This piano was the personal/practice instrument of my late husband, Kraig Greff, a full time musician/composer/recording engineer. We purchased it new. It has never been rented and has been in the same house for the past 30 years.

My husband recorded a CD of Christmas songs on this piano: “Joy: Inspirational Seasonal Melodies” CD, available online. He also recorded music for a number of films, videos and commercials.

The piano has a humidifier installed and comes with a thick quilted piano cover. I will pay to have the piano moved to your location (within the continental US).

The piano has been professionally cleaned and polished, as well as appraised, by our long-time piano tuner, Phil Heiliger, Maryland Piano Service. Below is the text of his appraisal:


November 8, 2023

Baltimore, MD 21231


Steinway Grand
Model D
Serial Number: 469630
Manufactured: 1980
Finish: Ebony

Dear Jacquie,

Here is the appraisal for your Steinway D, concert grand piano.

I inspected the four main areas of your piano; the case, the soundboard, the action, and the overall structural parts.. These 4 components are what make a Steinway a Steinway. All of the parts seem to be the original parts as installed by Steinway. Your piano is now 43 years old.

Let's examine your Steinway D: First: the case.

The finish of your piano is satin ebony. Overall it is in very good condition. There are some minor surface scratches on the case but they are incidental and do not detract for the overall appearance of the piano.

The cabinet of the piano and the brass parts have been cleaned and polished and add to the appearance of the piano.

Secondly, the interior components of the piano - which include the strings, the dampers, the cast iron plate and the soundboard.

Overall, the components are in very good condition for their age. Since the dampers and strings are engaged and used every-time the piano is played, they do have some “wear and tear’.

The soundboard shows no signs of cracking, which is unusual for a Steinway. It still has adequate crown and provides excellent tone when the piano is played. The bridges, which are attached to the soundboard, are still in excellent condition. and show no signs of cracks or wood splits.

The damper felt is also in good condition. The still provide good dampening when the piano is being played and, while they have some wear, they still provide quality dampening to the piano strings. The damper levers and flanges are also in good functioning condition.

The strings are also in good condition. There is some very minor tarnishing on the wire, but they do not appear to have any rust. The tuning pins also have some tarnishing but no rust. They also remain suficiently tight to hold the strings in tune for an acceptable time.

The last component is the action. That is comprised of the hammers, the whippens, and the keys. The action is still in good condition. The flanges have felt bushings, NOT teflon. That was a failed experiment by Steinway, and, fortunately, your piano does NOT have them. And, the hammers are in good working order. The hammers heads do show the effects of having been played for the past 43 years. The surfaces of the hammers have string grooves in them, but the still provide a good tone when played. The life of the hammers can be extended by reshaping the hammer heads to remove the grooves, but, ideally, the hammers should be replaced. And, with that, the action should be fully regulated.

Also your piano has a thick, quilted cover which has protected the quality of the finish. The ebony finish shows very little sign of sun bleaching. Your piano also has a functioning climate control system.

As to your Steinway D’s current value, there are no definitive, universally accepted, prices for used Steinway grand pianos. The only way to try and establish its current value is to compare what used Steinway concert pianos are being sold for, and compare that to what new ones cost.

As for new Steinway concert grands, they generally cost in excess of $150,000 dollars, up to, and including, close to $600,000 dollars. I just personally saw a new, model D, Steinway concert grand, at “Tom Lee’s” pianos in Vancouver, with a price tag of $599,000. Theres no way to tell if it will eventually sell for that much money but that is it’s current price.

A more realistic way to price used Steinway concert grands is to see what they are currently being sold for. A check of prices of used Steinway D pianos, on the East Coast, shows prices ranging from $35000 to over #100K.

Based on your piano’s current condition, my opinion is that your Steinway D should be valued at approximately $50,000. That is a very reasonable price for your Steinway Concert Grand.

Please feel free to give me a call or email if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,
Phil Heiliger
Maryland Piano Service
Price: $50,000 USD
Ad #: 54626
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model: D
Serial #: 469630
Year: 1980
Length: 8'11"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Baltimore, Maryland
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Posted: 11/19/2023
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