Pianos for Sale Mason & Hamlin Model AA in Mahogany - Fully Rebuilt/Restored

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Mason & Hamlin Model AA Grand $22,500
Serial 25266
Year: 1915
Finish: Cherry wood/Mahogany

-This Mason Hamlin model AA has been completely rebuilt and refinished. Not a stone was left un-turned.

-New strings and pins
-Refinished by hand
-Complete new action with Mason & Hamlin factory parts
-sound board shimmed and refinished
-new key tops
-new logo on fall board

This piano really represents that golden era prewar piano sound. Built here in the USA in Boston Massachusetts.

The Mason and Hamlin AA grand piano, measuring approximately 6 feet 2 inches in length, is a testament to craftsmanship and musical artistry. These pianos are highly sought after for a multitude of compelling reasons. At the heart of their desirability is the extraordinary sound quality they offer. The AA's sound is achieved through a solid spruce soundboard, meticulously tuned and voiced to perfection. The result is a tone that is simultaneously rich and resonant, capable of conveying both power and nuance.

One of the key innovations that contribute to the Mason and Hamlin AA's exceptional sound is the patented Tension Resonator. This ingenious system involves a cast-iron plate suspended above the soundboard. The plate applies downward pressure on the soundboard, increasing its responsiveness and enhancing sound projection. The result is a clear, dynamic, and resonant tone that can fill even the largest concert halls with its expressive beauty.

Mason and Hamlin AA grand pianos are celebrated for their versatility, excelling in various musical genres. Their durability and longevity ensure they remain a prized possession for generations. These pianos also feature an elegant design, complementing their musical prowess with visual sophistication.

The Mason and Hamlin AA grand piano stands as an emblem of exceptional craftsmanship and sound. Their innovative Tension Resonator is just one of the reasons these pianos are so highly sought after by musicians, both amateur and professional, who appreciate the fusion of artistry and technology in a musical instrument.

Price Includes:
-Warranty on Parts & Labor
-In Home Tuning
-Bench with Storage


As a pianist, piano teacher, and piano tuner, I wanted to create an outlet in Brooklyn for those who are seeking risk/hassle free, mechanically reliable, and cosmetically attractive upright pianos.

My passion is simple: I find excellent pianos to restore, refurbish, and reasonably price. I aim to make the experience of purchasing a quality instrument pleasant and hassle free, which is why I ensure that piano movers and tuners are covered in the cost of the piano.

Similarly, I also strive to stay up to date on piano maintenance and repair by working as a contract piano tuner/technician for Steinway & Sons, Big Wrench Piano Care. I am trained in full service piano rebuilding, French polishing, concert piano tuning and repair/regulation. Additionally, I have a bachelors in piano performance from Indiana University, and have been a professional gigging pianist with a repertoire of jazz and classical music for 23 years.

My showroom is located on the border of Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy in Brooklyn, New York. Contact me from this ad to make an appointment for a viewing today!
Price: $22,500 USD
Ad #: 54220
Manufacturer: Mason & Hamlin
Model: AA
Serial #: 25266
Year: 1915
Length: 6'
Finish: Polished
Color/Wood: Walnut
City/State: Brooklyn, New York
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Posted: 10/19/2023
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