Pianos for Sale Yamaha Model C6F Conservatory Series Grand Piano (6'6") one

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The Yamaha C6F grand piano is a rare specimen. At six feet, six inches, it is modeled loosely on the Steinway AIII. The appeal of the C6 is that it has a rich and full bass sound, much like the highly-respected Model C7, yet comes in a size more suitable to a home environment, where space is at a premium. Technicians and pianists alike agree that it has tonal qualities more like its American counterpart than like its larger Japanese brother, and it performs comfortably in home concert settings. Few musicians who own a C6 will ever part with theirs. It is the model Yamaha most highly-valued and kept by musicians so rarely seen for sale in the used market.

This piano has had only one owner, and it has always lived in an exceptional humidity-controlled home environment. The hammers and other action parts are in excellent condition. Key bushings are like new, and the action regulation is excellent. Strings, including the bass strings, are absent any oxidation, and there are no signs of any visible rust. They move predictably and reassuringly during tuning, especially in the capo d’astro where they terminate directly on the cast iron plate. The bass strings are particularly notable for the fine condition of the copper windings, which appear nearly like new. Tonally, it has a robust sound throughout its range, with a duplex scale that enhances tone and imbues it with the color and dynamics of the American Tonal School. The bass is quite robust, and one of the reasons that the C6 is so admired. It sounds bigger than it looks, and is every bit as satisfying as that of the C7 Yamaha. The piano has been used for occasional home concerts given by music faculty from the renowned University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. It has been maintained by highly-qualified piano technicians all its life, including, of late, the Executive Director of Piano Technology at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, a certified Yamaha, Steinway and Bösendorfer concert artist technician.

Price: $30,000 USD
Ad #: 53523
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: C6F
Serial #: 5031833
Year: 1993
Length: 6'6"
Finish: Polished
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Posted: 09/14/2023
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