Pianos for Sale Steinway Model M, New actions/strings/pins, sell by owner

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This Steinway piano Model M was family owned for more than 10 years. It's time to have a new home to keep and play beautiful music's
• Piano has been kept in good range of temperature and humanity for all seasons no matter people at home or not
• All actions replaced about 5 years ago but light played since then ( only my son played concerto with a teacher)
• Just finish strings and pins replacements
• Serial number: 201697
• Manufactured: 1949 based on Steinway’s record at https://www.steinwaybocaraton.com/knowledge-base/steinway -serial-numbers
• Color: Satin ebony
• Length: 5’7”
• Best of our knowledge soundboard is original and has no cracks
• Ivory key tops. only one has a hair size crack
• New parts replaced
o Steinway made: action parts
* Hammer shank sets
* Flange sets
* Whippen/repetition sets
*Damper sets
*Hammer sets
o Keyframe and keystop clothes and felts
o Front key rail punching’s
o Damper and pedal trim felts
o Mapes(Steinway’s supplier) strings and wires
o Pin sets
o Strings and frame clothes/felts
o Keys were leveled with new felts
• Piano is regulated and voiced

Overall piano is in excellent condition and typical Steinway tones. It is good for next 50 years. I am an individual seller instead of profit for the sale. That is why it is such lower price with so many upgrade. You never see such good deal nationwide. Welcome to my home to try. You will love it not only the price but also importantly the tones and touches
Price: $32,500 USD
Ad #: 53385
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model: M
Serial #: 328742
Year: 1949
Length: 5'7"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Posted: 07/29/2023
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