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EXCELLENT Condition (A COMPLETE INSPECTION DONE on 10/04/2022 by a Piano Technician - report

THIS PIANO HAS BEEN EXTREMELY WELL TAKEN CARE OF. And it has never been exposed to big changes in humidity or temperature. It has always been kept in 45 - 50% humidity. You can get a brand-new piano that will never keep its tune and always has issues. This is the piano that has always been kept in perfect environment.

Play it as a traditional CONCERT piano...or you can enjoy the built-in Player system, which includes the famous “Silent System”. It allows you to turn off the strings and play the piano by listening using headphones also. Includes the Mark 3 Controller, which will play CD or disks by some of the greatest pianists in the world. Also includes a built-in tone generator with hundreds of sounds. A fantastic playback system, which allows you to also record yourself and have the piano play back your own music.

Attn: I get questions about the model number DC2A and what the difference is compared to C2.


Yamaha Baby Grand DC2A is the same piano as C2, but with the Disklavier player system. The Disklavier system is part of the building process because on Yamaha pianos it cannot be added after the piano is built. In other words, the Disklavier system is part of the piano. For this reason, this Yamaha piano model comes out of the factory as a model DC2A. You can see C2 on the piano "body", but the ID plate on the piano says DC2A (see the pics). So, if you want to know what Disklavier unit this piano has, the answer is DC2A.

Yamaha, Japan's oldest and most prolific piano maker, is one of the best dollar-to-value ratio pianos ever produced. Incorporating all the most sought-after technological breakthroughs in piano building, these pianos are truly spectacular in fit and finish. Yamaha has also taken the piano player industry by storm. The Yamaha Disklavier player piano system is by far the best reproducing system on the market

Call/text with any questions!
Price: $15,900 USD
Ad #: 50943
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: Yamaha DC2
Serial #: 85810
Year: 2002
Length: 5'8"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Camanche, Iowa
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Posted: 12/01/2022
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