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This is a very rare 9'4" Concert Grand made by Mason & Hamlin. Various sources put the original tally of these at 12 or 14. I've also read that they were made as one of a pair, with the other of each pair being a Steinertone. Whatever the case this piano is rare and there are very few ever available on the market. We are selling this because we can no longer keep such a big piano and it is time for it to make its way back into the public.
Over the years it has had work done to it. The original soundboard however is still in it and hasn't been be replaced. Perhaps you know of someone who could do the job properly and will want it replaced anyway. Currently it sounds fine as is with plenty of sustain and volume. The board had been shimmed and doweled about 30 years ago. At that time the pinblock was also replaced and it now has 2/0 tuning pins. We have kept the original block as well, so if you were so inclined it could also go back into place with larger tuning pins.
When we got the piano the action had been replaced. Through much searching and connections we were able to find the correct original wippens and hammers and shanks. These go with the piano. The correct wippens are back in now and a set of Steinway hammers that someone installed somewhere along the line are in there now. Damper felt was replaced back then, too. But the original damper heads and wires are still in the piano. And new key tops by the best in the business, Russell Grethe of Maine. It appears, though I can't be sure, that someone 'upgraded' the damper system to make a sostenuto. I don't know, but I think there may not have been a sostenuto in the piano from the factory. Before we purchased the piano in the 1980s the case had been modernized by replacing the round legs with Steinway 'window pane' legs and lyre. Again with some searching we were able to come up with the correct original legs and lyre. These come with the piano. At the moment, unlike in the pictures, the Steinway legs have their correct nickel plated casters, not the stage dolly type wheels as seen there.
Because it's been 30 years since the piano was restrung, it probably would benefit from having that work done again. But its sounds and plays fine as is, so there's no imminent need for that work. We have a custom made quilted cover which is included.
We will be sad to see it go but hope it will find a new home where its 'grandeur' will be appreciated. Please send along any questions ad when you come to try it out, bring along your trusted technician for an independent opinion. The price has been lowered from $62,000 to $59,000.
Price: $52,000 USD
Ad #: 49241
Manufacturer: Mason & Hamlin
Model: CC
Serial #: 11833
Year: 1900
Length: 9'3"
Finish: Gloss
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Posted: 11/19/2022
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