Pianos for Sale Steinway B 1992 Classic, High Gloss PVC. Steinway Sale in Ma

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Steinway B 1992 Classic, High Gloss PVC. Steinway Sale in March. From a Home.

Steinway Month for Concert Pianos is the month of March.

If you are ready to buy now is the time to save money. Emails me your questions and you choose the right Steinway for you and you can take advantage of the Steinway Month Long Sale

98% of the B's that you play have very little service on them. At Concertpianos since we are Expert level pianist we take great pride in Calibrating our pianos for the intermediate, advanced and concert level pianist.

This type of service and the largest collection of Model B Steinways in the US set's concert pianos apart from all of the other listings on Ebay.

Everyone that has played our pianos remarks that our pianos are so much better in touch and tone than any others they have played. Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for" and "You either pay me now or pay me later".

When you purchase a Steinway rand from Maestro Bruno and Concertpianos you receive a highly calibrated Steinway Grand. This level of service is what you receive. Beware of people that say that their pianos are highly calibrated. They are not. Talk is cheap. Maestro Bruno has Sold New Steinway Grands for 23 years and used, Pre Owned and Premium Pre Owned Steinway Grands for 47 years. As a Pianist he knows the difference. Research his extensive background in selling New Steinway Grands to Colleges and Universities $23,000,000 in sales of New Steinway Grands to these institutions. And he maintained these pianos for 2 years after they were purchased. So when it comes to understanding what great service is ask the 500 professors that he has worked with. Ask them how well their Steinway Grands performed.

Why does Concertpianos Sell so many Steinway Grands on Ebay ?????

Because they are the best of the best.

Trust the expert. Maestro Bruno.

Reach our to Maestro Bruno today to discuss your next Steinway Model B.

Now Back to this wonderful piano.


This Steinway B has a Classic Steinway Performance Tone.

About 65% of the Steinway Produced in the NYC factory from 1990 to 1999 come out with this Performance Tone. It is the tone you hear on most concert stages.

Something about a the pianos produced during the from 1990 to 1999 that produced this tone.

This Steinway Model B will be serviced to our "Cantabile " Premier Level 2 Service Package. This package will give you a Dynamic Range from pp to FFF. This Steinway B is set to Steinway Specifications

Yes you could pay $140,500 for a New Steinway B plus Sales Tax.

But will you find one with this warm tone. Probably not.

"Maestro" Bruno has sold over $23,000,000 in new Steinway's to Colleges, Universities and private homes in the US and another $28,000,000 in Pre-Owned Steinway's. During this time he worked with the finest technicians and professors. So unlike others Maestro Bruno is able to explain to you all of the facts and qualities of a Steinway B from all of the different years.

Reach out to "Maestro" Bruno with your questions

Go to Contact Seller and you will find a number to reach out to me in Dallas.

Concertpianos = Knowledge. When you need to know everything about a Steinway B or any Steinway Call Maestro Bruno.

The Price includes the Following:
Full Value insurance while your Steinway is being delivered to your home
This piano is a PVC High Gloss Finish.
3 Year Limited Parts and Labor Guarantee
Price: $59,950 USD
Ad #: 47312
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model: B
Serial #: 523987
Year: 1992
Length: 7'
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Dallas, Texas
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Posted: 03/17/2023
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