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This Baldwin Model 601 Series Upright acoustic piano is in excellent condition. Built in the United States, it has the feel of a new piano. Baldwin Pianos are the staple upright piano used by schools and institutions across the country due to their durability, tuning stability, and beautiful pure, clean, full tone.

The piano has been completely refurbished. The piano action has been regulated to factory specifications at the time it left the factory. Each key has a 35-point checklist to insure proper operation. The hammers have been filed. The key touch has been corrected. The pins have been lubricated. The piano has been tuned. The keys, case, and pedals have all been polished.

WHY buy a piano certified by a Registered Piano Technician? Knowing that the piano has been serviced and is in good working order is like buying a certified used car from a dealer. All of the required preventive maintenance has been performed.

Buying a used piano from a private party, or a piano dealer for that matter, that has not been refurbished, means the piano has not had any remedial corrective work and will not play as it was designed and manufactured. Will it bother a typical buyer? Maybe...maybe not. It is, however, quite likely that when a Piano Technician comes to tune, there will be "maintenance" work recommended.

A full regulation with corrective work performed on an upright piano runs $500-$850. This work has all been done yet our pianos are priced competitively with pianos that have not had corrective work accomplished.

Buying this piano give you, the buyer the peace of mind that there are no hidden issues that might require additional repairs.

Price: $1,350 USD
Ad #: 43219
Manufacturer: Baldwin
Model: 601
Serial #: 1366818
Height: 40"
Finish: Polished
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Richmond, California
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Posted: 05/31/2021
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