Pianos for Sale Astonishing 1982 Baldwin 6'3" Model L Artist Series Grand

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Take a look at the pictures and video of this 6 foot 3 inch Baldwin Model L Artist Series Grand built in 1982 at the height of Baldwin’s creative and manufacturing excellence! The original American Baldwin piano is among the finest pianos ever made. In fact, in 1982 when this piano was built, Baldwin was the leading supplier of concert grands to concert venues throughout the United States, edging out Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and all the rest!

This piano, which has now been OPTIMIZED TO ITS FULLEST POTENTIAL by me, is a great example of the wonderful Baldwin sound: A warm, resonant bass and tenor and a wonderfully clear top. The sustain is amazing! When you strike a key on the keyboard it just seems that the sound will go on forever!! The action on this piano has been meticulously regulated to a very high standard, and the keyboard has been rigorously balanced using the computerized Fandrich-Rhodes Weight Bench Balancing System, technology which did not exist when this piano was built, to provide a very even, fast response from the keys to your fingers. The modern grand piano action is made up of a complex series of arcs and levers with precise leverage, weight, friction and inertia. These all combine to deliver the touch and feel of your piano, and it’s now possible to analyze them and duplicate the touch and feel of the finest American-made pianos using the Fandrich Rhodes weight bench computer program to evaluate how actions are performing. Very few technicians have the equipment and experience to deliver this degree of accuracy in action design. You can feel this piano every second you are playing it. The control is phenomenal!

Baldwin created a very advanced technology when these pianos were designed. Its vertical hitchpins and floating adjustable metal plate control the downbearing of the strings against the soundboard bridges. This design gives the soundboard a long healthy life, and provides great sonority and volume. An amazing system, really!

Unfortunately, this great Baldwin Artist Series Grand piano represents the last gasp of so many wonderful American makers who could not survive the economic challenges as the demand for pianos has shifted strongly to Asia. Now, the only way to get your hands on an excellent American piano like this is to find one that has been refurbished! A high quality Baldwin grand like this one is an excellent candidate for refurbishing or rebuilding—it’s the only way that these fabulous pianos can still be played and enjoyed. After all, the American School of Piano manufacturing is still unsurpassed in the world.

Baldwins are known world-wide for their outstanding bass. With the 6 foot 3 inch Model L, you can really begin to experience its richness and depth of tone! It is just a fabulous piano!!! Contact me as soon as you can. I do not expect this fabulous piano to last long!!!
Price: $19,995 USD
Ad #: 43139
Manufacturer: Baldwin
Model: Model L
Serial #: 250967
Year: 1982
Length: 6'3"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Ebony
City/State: Mansfield, Texas
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Posted: 04/04/2021
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