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Steinway Cabinet Grand Upright Piano, Model I, 4' 5½" tall, Mahogany Finish, inches tall, bearing serial number 102549, manufactured in 1901
Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. 92688
May 15, 2015

Dear Mark Trippi,

In reference to your inquiry regarding your Steinway Cabinet Grand Upright Piano, Model I, 4' 5½" tall, Mahogany Finish, inches tall, bearing serial number 102549, manufactured in 1901. This piano is an antique. Antiques appreciate in value for reasons of age, and craftsmanship, artistic merit. In very good condition. Maintained in a climate controlled residential environment. When this instrument is tuned the value is $10,980.00. Based on the age, condition, size, grade and rarity of this piano. This refers to the price that you would need to pay to buy the nearest equivalent to your piano. This is the actual value of your piano as it stands in your living room. This is the amount you want to insure your piano for in case of loss or damage. The amount an insurance company would pay for replacement in case of loss.

This was the era that the design of the piano was being perfected by manufacturers. These instruments measure anywhere from 45" to 58" high, and were usually finished in mahogany, oak, or walnut, with a nice medium to medium dark patina. These pianos are well known for tone quality, including a robust, resonant bass, rich and warm tenor and a treble with a singing tone, bell-like in its clarity. They were created for professional use in concert halls, elite hotels, fine restaurants, schools, churches and other institutions, and for anyone one who requires grand piano characteristics where their volume and powerful presence was needed. Only the finest private homes could afford to accommodate such a striking and expensive instrument. As in all sales, supply and demand will affect the price you can reasonably ask for your piano. The price you sell it for greatly depends on the condition and market conditions in your area

Steinway Piano Model Specifications and Serial Numbers
Click here> http://www.bluebookofpianos.com/steinwayspecs.html

STEINWAY & SONS Almost from the first arrival in New York of the Steinway family, in 1850, the name has been famous in the history of the American piano. The single aim of the founder was to produce an ideal instrument, and with what grand and satisfactory results, the career of the house which he founded attests. The Steinway piano is distinctly and indisputably artistic in its sphere. Its development is a fascinating story and lends honor and credit to its makers as well as to the art of piano-making. "Steinway" pianos are made in all styles and for all climes and all lands; uprights, grands and concert grands.

Upright Piano string frames were unique and distinctive features of construction will he found in the Steinway piano; one of those those special features is the sounding board construction which includes the Steinway bent acoustic rim and the design of the "over- stringing" construction.Before 1890 most upright pianos were "straight strung", that is the strings were straight up and down, afterwards the strings were over lapping. This gives this upright longer strings with the tone of a grand piano and makes it especially well adapted for concert use. "Cabinet Grand" is a term usually referring to certain large upright pianos over 50" tall. Due to their towering height, these instruments usually had string lengths and musical capabilities equal and often superior to actual grand pianos, thus being labeled "Cabinet Grand" by their manufactures. A 54" upright provides as much total soundboard area as 7' grand piano. Its #1 bass string's length nearly matches that of a 6'3" grand. In other words, you get grand piano performance quality in a vertical instrument.

There has been no change in the Steinway goal. Perfection is still the aim and the result, skilled craftsmanship is still the means loyalty and pride have simply been spilled over from family worker to factory worker. Where mass production logically stresses speed, economy, and replaceable parts, the Steinways still stress beauty, quality, and durability. The Steinway piano is too well known to require any great endorsement here. In every consumer publication, in every era for over one hundred and fifty years, Steinway is the standard of comparison the world over.

The appraisal values are stated in U.S. Dollars and are based on market values from several sources. Based on comparisons of pianos of this age, condition and nature offered for sale in newspapers and the internet by private parties, music stores, auction houses, and piano teachers. Value greatly depends on condition and the make of the piano. These values are certified through research in Directories of the Music Industry such as, The Presto Piano Buyers Guide, The Pierce Musical Instrument Atlas, The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments and The Bluebook of Pianos, and the Piano Times Newspaper. Our appraisals strictly adhere to the Ethics and guidelines of The International Society of Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. All of our appraisals follow the mandates of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, 2015.

Appraised by,
Robert T. Fürst - Author
Bluebook of Pianos
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

I declare that I hold myself out to the public as an appraiser or perform appraisals on a regular basis; and that because of my qualifications as described in the appraisal, I am qualified to make appraisals of the type of property being valued. I certify that the appraisal fees were not based on a percentage of the appraised property value. This information is provided "as is" without express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the maintainer assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Price: $5,000 USD
Ad #: 40075
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Serial #: 102549
Year: 1901
Height: 53"
Finish: Gloss
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Fountain Inn, South Carolina
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Posted: 06/07/2021
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