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Need a quick sale.

My parents bought this piano for me 30 years ago when they realized I was getting really good. :-) My piano teacher helped them pick it out, as they were decent musicians, with decent ears, but were not pianists. She told the salesman that they needed a "really good" piano for an up and coming piano student. The Baldwin people selected this piano and had a technician work on it before sending it to the store. My teacher thought it was just right for me.

I have been blessed with an enormous amount of experience playing all kinds of pianos. I've been able to practice on Mason & Hamlin pianos, Bluthner, Steinway, and even performed on a Bosendorfer. They were all amazing pianos and helped my performance become even more sensitive and musical. When I think back to my progress over those years, I'm amazed at the literature I got to play and the locations, venues, and pianos I got to play on.

Each and every time I'd come home, I'd continue to practice on my beloved Baldwin, and I'd realize what an amazing gem my piano teacher found for me. The touch is velvety and balanced, with a medium firm touch--enough to allow the slightest nuance of touch without tiring out the forearms. The tone is beautiful, not brassy or tinny. Just a wonderful quality. Since it is not a concert grand, it could never have the same bite and resonance in the lower octaves, but still manages to keep my interest and not get muddy.

The most practicing I ever did on the piano was between 1989 to 1994. From there the piano was played on only occasionally or very lightly, as I was away at college, or traveling, etc. Then I changed my focus to conducting and the type of music played was also not nearly as demanding.

It has the huge 4-inch brass wheels, and I believe I still have the wooden disks/coasters for placing on a hard floor. If you purchase, I will add them to the sale. (Cost me $100.)

It's time to let go and give perhaps another student a chance to blossom with this truly remarkable instrument. Our home is very small and our family is getting bigger. I don't play nearly as seriously as I used to, so the family and I will enjoy an upright. The kids are learning violin right now. :-) No need for a big grand any longer.

Anyway, the R size (5' 8") is a perfect size for most homes and I've cherished every moment I've been able to have this as part of my life.

I should post this at $10,000, but I'm taking off a bunch for a quick sale. There are a few minor surface scratches here and there so someone might want to use the savings to have them touched up.
Price: $8,000 USD
Ad #: 39744
Manufacturer: Baldwin
Model: R
Serial #: 285656
Year: 1988
Length: 5'8"
Finish: Gloss
Color/Wood: Walnut
City/State: Lakewood, California
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Posted: 02/04/2020
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