Pianos for Sale Wm Knabe Grand with player system please view video links

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Updated 11-1-2019. Player system now runs from laptop computer. This piano has been in the family since the mid nineteen eighties. It was my father's pride and joy.
He used the qrs pianomation 2000c player system which is still installed. This playing system currently works from a laptop computer. The computer has thousands of classical midi files already stored on it, all included in the sale price!

The piano was checked over by a local tuner a few months ago. These are my notes from that visit:

It's in average condition for this vintage Knabe. It is serviceable, not in need of rebuilding. Pitch is a little flat. Some ten to twenty cents flat, most at pitch. Dampers need work. One crack in soundboard on left side. Needs minor action work. Keys feel good. Three strings need replacing (tuner error). Bass hammers need to come up. Middle pedal rail removed. No bridge crack. Key bushings a little loose.

I can say there is a wood-like delayed rattle when playing the lower 13 (black and white) bass notes. Not sure if it's the hammers or something else.

The piano looks glossy and sharp but up close and under good lighting, one can see cracking or crazing on the lid and other flat surfaces (the clear coat finish), and other nicks and imperfections in the finish near the keys and on the bench. I took the bench outside to examine the color: it is a dark red-brown-orange which I’m assuming is mahogany. If not maybe someone can let me know. It measures 68 inches in length. Here is are links to video and audio:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTzLulSj4QY (Rachmaninoff)

Thanks and feel free to contact with any questions.
Price: $1,800 USD
Ad #: 39043
Manufacturer: Knabe
Serial #: 193565
Year: '79-'80
Length: 5'8"
Finish: Gloss
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Posted: 09/27/2019
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