Pianos for Sale Kawai K2, still under warranty, has humidity-control system

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--2009 Kawai K2 piano with original bench, Serial #F045401, purchased in 2010, still under warranty
--All original materials that came with piano (felt keyboard cover, manual, warranty card, tags, etc.)
--Dampp-Chaser Piano Lifesaver humidity-control system installed, still under warranty
--Extra components of Piano Lifesaver system (pitcher, liquid solution, manuals/instructions)
--Two nearly full bottles of piano cleaner and polish

For sale is a gorgeous 2009 Kawai K2 piano (with adjustable-height bench). It is still under warranty until mid-April 2020, and the warranty is fully transferable.

The piano has had a special humidity-control system installed since the beginning of 2015 (the Dampp-Chaser Piano Lifesaver system), which is also still under warranty. This system is incredibly effective at regulating the internal environment of the piano to keep the wooden components in top shape, and it keeps the piano in tune very well.

The piano is in excellent condition. It has been only lightly played over the years (about once every 1-2 weeks for a short practice). It has never needed any repairs. My tuner called it "immaculate inside and out" at its last tuning, and he wrote a statement describing its condition (which I can show you or your technician). It in part reads: "On June 12th, 2019 I tuned and inspected your Kawai upright piano model K-2, serial number F045401 in Polished Ebony Finish. The piano is in excellent condition, on pitch and is a completely serviceable instrument. The tunings pins hold pitch, the action plays freely and there are no structural issues in the soundboard, bridges or ribs. I also replaced the humidifier pads and inspected the Piano Lifesaver System, this is also fully functional, clean, and working perfectly."

This piano has beautiful, full, rich sound that suggests a much larger, more powerful instrument. Its touch is fast and responsive. It is fitted with the Soft Fall System, protecting the piano (and one’s fingers) from the lid shutting too quickly. It is an absolutely stunning instrument that, considering its very young age and light use, should last a lifetime.

I've had the piano appraised for private sale for $4,200-$4,700 (including the installed humidity control system), and when the tuner evaluated it he did some research and informally appraised it for private sale for "about $5,000."

Read more about the Kawai K2 here: https://kawaius.com/product/k-200/
Price: $3,600 USD
Ad #: 38325
Manufacturer: Kawai
Model: K2
Serial #: F045401
Year: 2009
Height: 45"
Finish: High Gloss
Color/Wood: Black
City/State: Wilmington, Delaware
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Posted: 08/19/2019
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