Pianos for Sale Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

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This Yamaha grand piano has been beautifully taken care of and is in first class condition. Finding a piano like this with minimal wear has many benefits. New pianos have a break-in period. In the first couple of years of ownership, pianos require more frequent servicing until things settle in. Strings need to stretch and hammers have to get grooved so the voicing becomes stable. More than that, if there are any structural problems or defects in materials or workmanship, they will almost always evidence themselves within the first few years of ownership. This piano is time tested, yet young and fresh.

The C3 design is a very versatile piano. They are found in studios and homes the world over. They strike a pleasant balance between price and performance. The actions are first rate when regulated to factory specifications as this piano has been. Our technicians have also voiced the piano for a round, warm sound that opens up when you put energy into the instrument.

At just over 6-feet in length, this piano will provide a satisfying bass and even tone throughout without overwhelming a living room visually or sonically. The furniture is also in excellent condition with the black mirror finish. The plate also glistens showing no signs of environmental degradation whatsoever. If you appreciate a fine Yamaha Conservatory series grand piano, this C3 may be the piano for you.

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