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First, let me apologize for the photos: the lighting in the room isn't great. If additional photos are needed contact me. Also note, I can't easily move the piano to a location to get a better shot from the front.

This is a gorgeous Steinway from their golden age, finished in Sapele Mahogany, (a/k/a Ribbon or Flame Mahogany). The entire case is finished exquisitely and the top cover was redone when we bought it about 12 years ago. It is a fabulous piano and a magnificent piece of furniture as well.

You'll note the dual legs: this piano began life in 1918 as a Steinway Model OR (the R meaning "reproducing") with the Duo-Art reproducing system. Steinway made the pianos, the actions and the casework, then sent it to Duo-Art that installed the reproducing (player) mechanism. Because of the space needed for the player system, the case is about 6" longer than a traditional single-legged Model O, but the plate is identical. For those so inclined with the technical, the O (and OR) are approximately the same size as the more common L, but with a different scale design. The O has the same plate and scale design as the OR. The O had been discontinued for a number of years, but was re-introduced not too long ago and is in the current Steinway portfolio. It can be distinguished from the L by the gentle curved back, whereas the L has a squared off back.

The first restoration of the piano appeared to be in 1985 by [James] Reeder Pianos in Lansing, MI. Thus, it appears as if the piano's life may have been mostly here in Michigan. There's a small signature and date on the soundboard. The piano was later traded to Hammell Music, which at the time (mid 2000's) was the Detroit area Steinway dealer. They undertook another restoration, removing the older reproducing mechanism, and replacing it with a then-modern PianoDisc system. The restoration man, who has since passed away, made some custom mahogany pieces to cover up the former space from the Duo-Art system, so the whole thing looks perfect. Then, as homage to what the piano really was, they added the PianoDisc system, at that time it was a very costly upgrade. When we bought the piano, we had them refinish the top cover, and basically buff out the entire piano so it is truly stunning. The pictures don't do it justice because I don't have great lighting in the room, but that Sapele Mahogany is absolutely magnificent if you love natural wood.

In that second restoration, what they also did is bleach the ivories. So, yes it has the original natural ivory keys, which are a real joy to play on, so much nicer than plastic. Many player pianos lived in homes where the only "play" they received was from the player mechanism, so the keytops didn't wear out. They have yellowed a tiny bit over the past decade but they've been out of the sun and out of light.

The piano has a lovely action and sound. It maintains its tune. Everything works. The player system can be changed and or upgraded by any number of people to later systems, such as the IQ, or can play as it is. My entire collection of discs is included, as is the bench, and the lamp. The player system takes CDs and Diskettes.

Serious offers considered; come and see it and bring your tech or tuner. Located in Detroit area in my home. We are moving out of state and there's no room for this in the new home. We really want to find this a good new home...
Price: $24,990 USD
Ad #: 36387
Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Model: OR
Year: 1918
Length: 5'11"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Novi, Michigan
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Posted: 07/09/2019
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