Pianos for Sale *SOLD* Yamaha Grand Piano - Yamaha C3

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The Conservatory series by Yamaha is one of the most popular piano series in the world. They’re known for being well rounded and dynamic instruments that are versatile and true work horses in the industry.

The C3 at 6-feet 1-inch is the classic grand piano size that is ideal for many homes and studios. This Yamaha will be a faithful piano with routine maintenance and will be sure to serve you well. This piano will be at home in just about every musical setting. From the church to the studio, it’s sure to satisfy just about anyone who plays.

This is a fine example of an original C3 that has seen minimal usage in its lifetime. It has been refurbished with clean-up, regulation, fine voicing, string termination, action lubrication and other refinements bringing the piano to a level of performance suitable for the most demanding pianists. The sound is clear and crisp and on the warm side for a Yamaha C3. A good Yamaha that is dialed in like this one, is a very comfortable instrument to play with a smooth, responsive action.

So if you’re looking for a Yamaha grand piano in great shape at a low price, this instrument is ready to produce fine music in whatever setting it is placed.

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