Pianos for Sale Mahagony Wood Grain Bluthner -- Downsizing Mom

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I am downsizing my Mom's residence and she no longer can fit the Bluthner. Soon I will be forced to sell via consignment, this creates an opportunity for you! Recently appraised at $32,780!!!

These pianos are well known for their tonal quality, including a robust, resonant bass, rich and warm tenor and a treble with a singing tone, bell-like in its clarity. This remarkable piano was created for professional use in homes, schools, churches and other institutions, and for anyone one who requires grand piano characteristics where their volume and powerful presence was needed.

Blüthners are among the finest pianos in the world. Only 200 of these meticulously crafted pianos are made each year. The soundboard is formed from solid, quarter-sawn Bavarian Alps old-growth spruce selected for even grain. Blüthner employs a unique cylindrical soundboard curvature so that the tension can be precisely calibrated. The ribs are planed to fit the curvature, enabling the tension of the soundboard to remain constant over decades. The patented aliquot string system employs an additional fourth string in the treble section that is attached directly to the solid maple bridge and is not struck by the hammers. This system results in sympathetic resonance with the other three strings, enriching the overtones and producing a very dynamic sound over a wide spectrum. This unique effect produces the singing, resonant treble of Blüthners. As one would expect in a premium piano, Blüthners have Renner actions built to Blüthner’s specifications.
Price: $21,000 USD
Ad #: 31797
Manufacturer: Blüthner
Model: Model 6
Serial #: 148502
Year: 1992
Length: 6'3"
Finish: Gloss
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Hartland, Wisconsin
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Posted: 07/07/2018
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