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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
2001KOHLER & CAMPBELL Upright - Fully Serviced w/ Delivery SFBay48"$1,800CaliforniaBoulder CreekMay 13, 2019
1993BALDWIN Hamilton Ebony - Tuned, Serviced, & Delivery SF Bay45"$1,200CaliforniaBoulder CreekMay 7, 2019
1984BALDWIN Spinet - Tuned, Fully Serviced & Free Delivery SFBay36"$800CaliforniaBoulder CreekMay 5, 2019
1986Sojin Studio Upright - Like New, Serviced & Free Delivery SF45"$1,350CaliforniaBoulder CreekMay 4, 2019
1980YAMAHA 52" Upright - Fully Reconditioned & Free Delivery SF52"$4,000CaliforniaBoulder CreekMay 1, 2019
1959BALDWIN Acrosonic - Serviced, Tuned + Free Delivery SF Bay36"$1,000CaliforniaBoulder CreekApr 12, 2019
1969KAWAI Console - Fully Serviced & Free SF Bay Delivery40"$1,350CaliforniaBoulder CreekApr 12, 2019
GEORGE STECK Upright - Like New w/ Free Delivery SFBay45"$1,250CaliforniaBoulder CreekApr 12, 2019
1979YAMAHA U1 - Reconditioned & Delivered SF Bay48"$3,500CaliforniaBoulder CreekApr 4, 2019
1964Krakauer Bros Queen Anne Upright40"$900IllinoisNorthbrookApr 3, 2019
Quality Sohmer Console - Fully Serviced, Tuned + Delivery SF40"$1,200CaliforniaBoulder CreekMar 17, 2019
1989YAMAHA Disklavier Upright Piano - Tuned, Serviced + Delivery48"$4,000CaliforniaBoulder CreekMar 14, 2019
1979EVERETT Console - Fully Serviced w/ Delivery SFBay40"$1,000CaliforniaBoulder CreekFeb 14, 2019
YAMAHA Studio Upright - Serviced w/ Delivery SFBay45"$1,800CaliforniaBoulder CreekFeb 12, 2019
1993Kohler & Campbell Upright - Fully Serviced w/ Delivery SFBay42"$1,200CaliforniaBoulder CreekFeb 7, 2019
2002BERGMANN by YOUNG CHANG - Serviced & Free Delivery SFBay48"$1,500CaliforniaBoulder CreekFeb 3, 2019
1997BALDWIN Studio Upright - Fully Serviced w/ Delivery SF Bay44"$1,500CaliforniaBoulder CreekJan 27, 2019
2011STEINGRABER upright, Peer to Bosendorfer, Steinway52"$21,950MinnesotaRochesterJan 24, 2019
2000Baldwin 44 Inch Upright Black44"$2,500CaliforniaManhattan BeachJun 19, 2019
20052005 Steinway K-52, Excellent Condition52"$21,500North CarolinaMatthewsJun 19, 2019

The Upright Piano

Upright pianos, also called vertical pianos, have upright rectangular bodies and strings that run vertically. They’re therefore more compact than grand pianos—and often, though not always, less expensive—which makes them a popular purchase for home use. Uprights are widely used as rehearsal and practice instruments in churches, community centers, schools and universities. While many people believe that upright pianos are naturally inferior to grand pianos, the truth is that the sound produced by any piano—grand or upright—is a result of the quality of materials, design of the instrument, and capability of the piano maker.

Upright Pianos on Pianomart.com

PianoMart’s online inventory of upright pianos promises something for everyone, whether you’re a professional musician who wants grand piano sound without the footprint or a starter spinet for a new piano student. Browse our listings or use our search feature to filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your upright piano online with PianoMart.