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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
2007Shigeru SK36'2"$39,995WashingtonBellevueMar 5, 2024
20022002 Model B7'$77,995WashingtonBellevueMar 5, 2024
Restored in 2018Steinway Model D Centennial Concert Grand9'$99,995WashingtonBellevueMar 6, 2024
2022 complete restorationBosendorfer Concert Grand 275 w/ 92 Keys9'$129,995WashingtonBellevueMar 20, 2024
1991Baldwin SD-10 Restored9'$39,995WashingtonBellevueMar 20, 2024
1968Steinway B Completely Restored6'11"$72,995WashingtonBellevueApr 2, 2024
2010Haessler by Bluthner / Germany6'1"$39,995WashingtonBellevueFeb 5, 2024
2004Steinway Model D9'$84,995WashingtonBellevueJan 13, 2024
1842For restoration Early Rosewood Nunns and Clark Grand Piano6'3"$25,000WashingtonBellinghamMay 30, 2024
1990Kawai KG-2E Grand Piano 5'10"$5,000CaliforniaBelmontJan 20, 2024
REDUCED Rebuilders Dream6'2"$2,900OhioBelpreApr 26, 2024
1941Wholesale Steinway S 5'1"$7,800OhioBelpreMar 10, 2024
1925SUPER REDUCED GREAT PRICE6'5"$1,950OhioBelpreMar 10, 2024
1928 REDUCED Again Golden Age Mason GREAT PRICE6'2"$4,200OhioBelpreApr 26, 2024
19303X REDUCED AGAIN Nice AA Mason6'2"$4,200OhioBelpreMar 10, 2024
1963 circaREDUCED Great Buy Concert Grand9'$11,000OhioBelpreApr 26, 2024
19652X REDUCED SPECIAL Bold & Powerful 7ft Baldwin7'$8,800OhioBelpreMar 10, 2024
1915Antique Grand Piano in Amazing Condition 5'6"$2,000MissouriBeltonJun 10, 2024
19191919 Steinway Grand Refurbished 19846'9"$45,000CaliforniaBerkeleyMay 27, 2024
2010Great condition, barely used. 5'$9,000West VirginiaBerkeley SpringsApr 1, 2024

The Grand Piano

The grand piano is considered by many to be the “original” piano, the purest form of the instrument. Grands are large, full-toned pianos that have the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and are supported by three legs. The sound produced by a grand piano is the result of a combination of several factors, including the quality of the materials, the length of the strings, the size of the soundboard, and the craftsmanship of the piano maker, among others.

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