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Kawai 5'10" grand piano, black. Purchase by father in early 80's. Seldom played, regularly professionally tuned, superb condition.

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#What is Regulation, Voicing and Fine Tuning?

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This question encompasses quite a bit of information but it has value in presenting it all in one video – as these topics have a lot to do with one another. They are all very important when it comes to getting the most out of your piano and making sure it [...]

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It has been a real pleasure doing business with You provide a first-class service for a speciality item and I found that only serious buyers contacted me about the piano. Thanks for a fine job. - P.R.S., NC

"Our piano is just what we wanted. Thanks for this online service where we could search for pianos all over the country. I think we will love our piano for many years." - T.A. - KS

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