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World Class Piano Gallery

World Class Piano Gallery

phone: 706-936-4058
location: Woodstock, Georgia
hours: By appointment

About Us

We are World Class Piano Gallery, located just north of Atlanta, in Woodstock Ga. We take ALL the risk out of buying a piano online. Our prices are generally MUCH LOWER than other online dealers. PLUS, we offer a few things our competitors DO NOT.....

#1- YOU DON'T PAY UNTIL THE PIANO ARRIVES! If the piano isn't what we described and you don't like it, we load it back up, and you owe us nothing. No joke! No gimmicks. You have no investment or risk.

#2- Every piano we sell (unless specifically stated) comes with a 3 year warranty. Again, no gimmicks or fine print. If something goes wrong, we fix it. For 3 full years

#3- We offer a 100% trade up guarantee for life! If you see something a month, year, or decade later and want to trade up, we will give you 100% of what you paid back in on trade. You can't lose!

#4- We provide the first tuning for your piano after it's purchased. It should arrive in-tune and on pitch, or very close when delivered. Once the piano has acclimated to its new environment, we will also cover the cost of the first tuning for your instrument. We can find a technician in your area if you are not in the Atlanta market, or we can use YOUR technician of choice.

If you have been shopping online, you already know our prices are unmatched. What you may not factor in is the free delivery and other benefits we offer with each piano purchased. If you've been looking, you'll see private party ads advertising virtually identical pianos as we do, only those pianos are still in the home, dusty, un-tuned, un-regulated, with no warranty whatsoever. And, they are often priced HIGHER than our pianos. We are the real deal. Our prices are the best anywhere, and our overall VALUE of the products we sell speaks for itself. CALL us any time with any questions. We would love the opportunity to earn your business! (706) 936-4058

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