Pianos for Sale *SOLD* Steinway Art-case Model B Grand Piano

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The Steinway B over time, has become one of the most iconic instruments in the world. Some of the world’s foremost experts in piano design have described the Steinway B as representing the perfect balance between size and power.

The Steinway B was and still is a marvel today in scale and tonal design. This B has been just been rebuilt and refinished inside and out by our master piano technicians. Built during the Edwardian era, this piano is encased in its original elegant art case with tulip legs. Many art case piano cases were altered throughout the 20th century. They were stripped of most if not all of their ornamentation in favor of more modern and simplistic styles. This piano has survived that and remains aesthetically intact as it was when it was new. It also has the original, real key-tops, not plastic.

The tone and touch of this piano is nothing short of sublime. The action has all new German Renner parts (the same company that manufactures actions for Hamburg made Steinway pianos) including hammers, shanks, knuckles, flanges and whippens (repetitions). It has been regulated and voiced to a very high concert level of performance. It has a powerful tone that is even through all registers. The bass has depth and rich tonal qualities while the treble is warm and clear.

This piano is ideal for a small performance space, studio or living room. If you’re looking for a versatile piano that is highly regarded and a gorgeous piece of furniture, this is a great instrument and a fine investment.

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