Pianos for Sale *SOLD* Petrof Concert Grand Piano

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A European masterpiece, the Petrof Mondial personifies the sonority and eloquence of European tone. It is rare to find a hand-made European piano of this caliber available for sale which was manufactured so recently.

Featuring a German Renner action, this piano is sure to satisfy the most discerning virtuoso pianist. This one owner piano was purchased new late in 2005 and has had less than 100 hours of playing. So, it is just broken in and has almost no signs of wear and should offer a high playing level for decades to come with regular maintenance. The piano has a wireless PianoDisc system you can control from your iPad or other mobile device. It has absolutely no effect upon how the piano plays or looks except when you are listening to the included library of music.

Our technicians have gone through the piano inside and out enhancing all of it’s qualities with high level refinements of regulation, voicing, string termination, action lubrication and other techniques. It has a robust roar in the lower end and a crystal clear, singing treble. This is certainly an instrument which can accommodate a wide range of repertoire with rich tonal colors.

The piano features an aesthetic design that is both timeless and elegant. It is contemporary while blending with the traditional classic look of a the ultimate concert instrument. From the beautifully designed brass inlay Petrof logo to the graceful curves and lines, this piano is sure to compliment any surrounding musically as well as aesthetically. The high quality finish is like black glass.

If you have never played a Petrof concert grand, it is incredible to experience the refined touch and clear yet creamy tone a great Petrof concert grand can achieve. Finding one in nearly brand new condition is rare. If you are after a great European concert grand in new condition, this piano provides a phenomenal opportunity.

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