Pianos for Sale *SOLD* Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano - Model A

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This piano was manufactured in the heyday of one of the greatest American piano companies of all time and one of the only ones left still producing pianos in the United States. It has just been restrung with Mapes Gold International Series strings and new tuning pins for a vibrant tone. The action has new key bushings and new front rail bushings for a precise feel. The plate has been re-gilded and the case has been detailed to look very nice.

The model A Mason & Hamlin is noted for its big, rich tone which belies its size. This is due to the massive structure of the piano along with the wide tail which allows for a bigger sound than what is typically available on pianos of this size. It also has tunable duplex scaling which allows the non-speaking length of the strings to sympathetically vibrate at precise frequencies enhancing the tone and increasing the tone life.

Mason & Hamlin pianos are built to a higher standard than other pianos. They weigh more because there is more mass. They also incorporate their patented Tension Resonator System which adds metal bracing to the rim of the piano which helps the piano retain soundboard crown essential for good tone.

Our technicians have taken great care to bring this piano to a high level of performance in regards to touch and tone achieving an evenness from note to note in all registers. It also comes with a deluxe, American made adjustable artist bench.

If you are after a top-tier, hand-made, American piano that doesn’t take up too much room, yet with a big, rich sound, this is a great piano for you.

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