Pianos for Sale *SOLD* Steinway Grand Piano - Model O - FREE Delivery in USA

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This is a vintage Steinway that has been put into great shape with many new parts including:

- Pinblock
- Strings
- Tuning pins
- Key bushings
- Front rail bushings
- Steinway hammers
- Steinway shanks
- Hammer rest felt
- Back check leather

The finish is a rich mahogany with pronounced woodgrain and a satin sheen finish. The piano has a warm sound that doesn’t overwhelm and the action has a medium weight. This instrument has been refined to a high level. So, there is even tone and touch from note to note throughout all registers.

It is a great pleasure discovering a great Steinway that has been restored masterfully like this one. In addition, the piano has had the good fortune of never having been subjected to harsh elements which destroys so many pianos from the past. This one’s a gem!

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