Bosendorfer sunshine design, 6' PRICE LOWERING

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Bosendorfer sunshine design, 6' PRICE LOWERING
The Model Johann Strauss is inspired by the instrument owned by the master. It is a combination of elements taken from different periods in history, and they are reflected in the beautifully carved legs, the sunshine design of the music desk, the decorated inner side of the fallboard as well as maple inlays on key board. The under side of the lid and inner rim is finished Maple wood.

Bosendorfer Johann Strauss Edition Grand, model 1907, serial # 19112, 6ft, full restored and finished in ebony high gloss.

What was made in restoration?

No expense was spared in the rebuild. This piano is like new, less than half the price of a new Bosendorfer - complete finished, new pin block, new bass and treble strings, nickel pins, dampers, original snow white nature keys bleached and polished. Action complete reconditioned.The touch is crisp and responsive. This is not only a wonderful optic, than a heaven for the ears and hearts. The tone is rich and well balanced, mellow and characteristic of Bosendorfer typical sound.An instrument built by Bosendorfer will always be an aesthetic asset of lasting value. I wish someone gets it, who cares and plays ond it with such an enthusiasm, like the restoration was made. Please find more pics from other grands on my side: No import duty due to antique status. Delivery via airfreight to your nearest intern'l airport. Airfreight free Arrival your Intern'l Airport.

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